My name is Juraj Makovický and I have been pursuing physiotherapy for several years. I also have a Master’s degree for those who consider it important. I’m not saying that education is not essential; it is the most important thing in our work. But I've learned over the years that the letters before your name do not give you a patent for brain.

In short!

I studied at the University since 2007 and have undergone a number of training courses and courses focused mainly on sports traumatology (postoperative conditions and injuries), which I am primarily dealing with. Over the years, however, I have been working with a vast array of musculoskeletal disorders caused by injury, neurological disorder, developmental defect, untreated conditions and others.

I also do the sport preparation of individuals to improve performance and prevent injuries, work environment adjustment and compensation for sedentary work, correction of body posture and overall improvement of human body function in people who are interested.

Physiotherapists are modern healers, psychologists, trainers and teachers...

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